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Locally raised Registered Dexter and Lowline Angus Cattle. Our herds are disease tested to ensure healthy beef and cattle for your farm or table. 

“The most tender and flavorful beef I have tasted.”

It was an real incredible experience for me. The quality of food was only matched by the quality of service I got. I wish I can keep the flavor in my mouth for ever.
Melanie Gilchrist

Dexter Cattle

Dexter Cattle are a medium sized breed that excel as both milk and beef cattle. The meat is has less fat than an angus. If you are a fan of grass fed beef, try Dexter beef! They average 600 – 800 pounds

Lowline Angus

Aberdeen (Lowline Angus) cattle, are another breed  raised for breeding stock and supply to our beef customers. Aberdeen a variation of angus that are specifically selected for their ability to maintain condition and excel in a grass fed operation. They are slightly heavier at closer to 1,000 pounds on average. They produce slightly more top end cuts than the Dexter. 


Charolais / Angus

We also raise Charolais and Angus cattle. Sometimes a mix of both. These cattle are what you think of when you think of LARGE cuts. We only sell our full size cows as beef, and are only grain finished on non-gmo feed. Our reasoning is that these cows are large and will not reach optimal marbling and tenderness on a grass only diet. These cows average 1200+ lbs.

white angus cow

How do we sell our beef?

Our beef is delivered to you right after processing. The meat is processed, packed by cut and weight, labeled, and flash frozen to ensure the best taste possible. 


While the old adage is true, “you can’t eat the papers”, that isn’t why we do what we do. We are continually trying to improve our herd genetics to breed for certain traits that leads to better, healthier beef. Breeding for the standard gives you optimal body type, and a better carcass for premium cuts on the table. Focusing on better parasite resistant, means we can rotate our herd and not use chemical wormers. This also leads to better healthier beef!

We have two options for our beef customers: Grass or Grain. We feed ONLY non-gmo feed from Resaca Sun Feed if you request grain finished. Our grass finished beef is finished on Teff grass and Orchard Grass. Teff grass has a similar protein structure to Alfalfa, but lower acidity. I find this leads to more absorption and more marbling for the table.

We focused our efforts on breeds of cattle that are easy to keep, and do well on grass fed programs. Easy keepers, means they are healthy and don’t require vet attention on a regular basis. We only give our cattle antibiotics, in potentially life risking situations. We also like to have grass fed beef as an option for our customers. Dexter and Aberdeen do well on grass and get FAT on grass. We find our commercial Angus and Charolais cattle are not good finished on grass. You simply don’t achieve the marbling that you get on these two breeds. 

While it is an added expense, we are passionate about testing for disease for health reasons. We test annually for BLV, BVD, and Johne’s. Johne’s is a wasting disease, BVD is gastro, and BLV is Bovine Leukemia. BLV is, in my opinion, one of the biggest drawbacks to commercial beef operations, and many small local beef operations. BLV is shown in some studies, to have links to cancer in humans. It is estimated that 40% – 45% of the cattle in this country are BLV positive. Many farmers, both big and small, do not test for it. Be assured, when you buy beef from us, you are buying disease tested beef.

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